Live by The Mantra.

If you want to get somewhere use a car or motorcycle, they said. With a single stroke, you can get 45 km/h in no time. Why do painful things like cycling? Where all the cars are trying to kill you, and the motorists keep yelling to bike on the sidewalk.

Well one thing for sure, we don’t bike just to get somewhere. It's the journey that we seek, the pleasure in the process of getting somewhere. The feeling of freedom, knowing that we can get far with our physic as the machine.

That happy feeling, when you get to the road and have a full spin. Morning fresh air in car-less streets. The breeze that goes through your head as you're speeding up and the warmth of sunrise in between.

When we are in the peloton and everything is in rhythmic motion; these are times when we feel like our bike is off the ground. And the belief that the universe will work its magic to get us there faster.

The destination might not be a place, it might be the liberating feeling that we seek to get out of everyday routine. The feeling that we'll live much longer every time we pedal.

This world is too big for us to just sit and stay still, and too beautiful not to see and preserve. We might not arrive at that happy place, because our destination is the journey itself.

We don’t bike just to get to somewhere, we are in the constant exploration. In search for that 'happier' place is to keep moving and wandering. Keep spinning; to embrace the pain. Gain the strength to ride faster and further.

The mantra is just to get on the bike and head to the distance.

Photography by @demakijo


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