Through The Mountainpass

Rancabali Pass, southwest of Bandung, West Java.

The winding road that cuts through the hilly plains of tea plantation as high as the clouds. The lingering mist on surrouding forest-covered mountaintops. The whisper of fresh mountain breeze, the singing of wild birds, and the clear blue sky. 

Climbing one among the highest mountainpasses in Java paints a perfect picture of our twisted relationship with climbs. Yes, pushing through miles of climb is straining for the lungs and the legs—it’s a test of physical and mental endurance. Yet it comes with the reward of its own.

For some, it’s a sense of accomplishment, a realization of what we can achieve, and how we grow stronger over time. For others, like us, it’s a sense of liberation from the shackles of bustling city life, as we immerse ourselves upon the beauty of the mountains, and enjoy the most awe-inspiring road to ourselves.

It was also about sharing our mutual passion of cycling along the road. It was also about the chit-chats over lite bites and hot drinks, that suited the high-altitude cold air like a pair of good old friends. It was also about the thrill of leaning into corners at high speed, as we descended the mountainpass on our way back home.


It was for such reward, we woke up early in the morning, got on the bike, and hit the road, while others were still snuggling on the comfort of their bed. It was for such reward, we headed to the mountainpass, and embraced every second of the pain.

After all, climbing is our rite of passage. It’s an inseparable part of our cycling life.

Trip Stat

Distance: 103 km

Elevation gain: 2,094 m

Total trip time: 6 hrs 30 mins

Author : Pedalling // Coasting

Photography : en.journal

Featuring : @cidrads @derryfa and @pedallingcoasting

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