Pretend Pro Mesh Jersey
Pretend Pro Mesh Jersey


Pretend Pro Mesh Jersey

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How cool would it be to be a professional cyclist: traveling the world, getting the best gear for free, riding your bike for a job?! But then again you'd have training camps in March with mind-numbing eight-hour training rides, you'd have to give up dessert, beer, and all the other good food groups. And, we imagine, living out of the back of your car must get old after a few years. 

The Pretend Pro jersey gives you the best of both worlds: you look ProAF in form-fitting, breathable mesh fabric — and you can still down a six'er after sleeping through your training ride with zero guilt.

The only thing lighter and more breathable than a hi-tech mesh jersey is no jersey at all. The back is made with a UV-blocking, more opaque mesh to ensure your back is protected on very long hot rides. These jerseys are made to fit like a second skin, but stretch a little bit to conform to your physique. 

Men's Jersey sizing chart

CHEST 35 36 38 ~ 40 41 45 48
WAIST 28 30 32 ~ 34 35 39 42