Pretend Pro Textured Bibs
Pretend Pro Textured Bibs


Pretend Pro Textured Bibs

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How cool would it be to be a professional cyclist; traveling the world, getting the best gear for free, riding your bike for a job?! But then again you'd have March training camps with mind-numbing eight-hour training rides, giving up dessert, beer, and all the other good food groups. And we imagine living out of the back of your car must get old after a few years. 

Pretend Pro's give you the best of both worlds; you look ProAF swaddled in fancy textured compression fabric and you can still down a sixer after sleeping through your training ride with zero guilt.

Win/win right?


Honeycomb texture adds compression, aids durability and looks bad as hell. Reflective heat-transfer decals for even more style. Soft lay-flat bib straps. Long-distance comfort pad to stay fresh until the finish. 

Made in Tuscany, Italy. 
Textured "Honeycomb" Italian fabric with a Dolomiti long distance pad. 
Reflective Lion of Flanders on each leg. 
Reflective "Pretend Pro" on back. 
10.5 inch (27cm) inseam. 

Men's Bib sizing chart

WAIST 28 30 32 ~ 34 34 37 39
HIPS 34 36 38 ~ 40 40 43 45