Women's Snobici Jersey 2021

Temple Project

Women's Snobici Jersey 2021

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The "hottest" limited kit is back with a new twist

Introducing our latest collaboration between two brands that have the same vision for the sport, where you can be a stylish and show out there with the dopest kit in the market, but yet a cyclist that is fun to go out on a ride with.

If you haven't heard about Snobici (IG: @snobici.cc), then you re missing out. Snobici is a personal brand curated by Stan Koolen, providing content on the most stylish, updated cycling kits and products available out there. His idea behind Snobici name is to be a style snob without the attitude of one. We have been following him for a while and we are nothing but stoked to be working together with him.

On the other hand Temple Project, we're just the underdog messing around in the neighborhood who knows a thing or two about making a kit ;)

Be part of our clan,
Be a Snobici and get your kit here!

What is special about this kit:

  • Besides being probably one of the "hottest" looking kits out there, the kit colors are inspired by the shadows of the mountain.
  • The kit uses 100% Italians fabrics and chamois pad 
  • Slim cut (race cut)
  • Silicon grippers to keep everything in place
  • Highly breathable, low moisture absorption and quick drying
  • Zippered side pocket with protected insert