Big City Senses

Turgo - Boyong Bridge, Special Region of Jogjakarta

The sounds of crickets, birds, and water all the way through.

The breeze and smell of the morning dew.
It was a peaceful climb with the serene and stillness of the surroundings that were a relief to our big city senses.

Then the caffeine. Smell of Kopi Mlaku really enhances the frame of mind whilst the blue sky roofs us, with the river flowing to enjoy and see.

Jogja is always welcoming, with its warm and humbleness. It has its own pace, not slow but rather an enjoyable process. As taught by mother nature...good things take time.

Every ride has its own angles and stories. With this one, it's all about getting that connection with the world.

Turning up your numb big city senses to become more sensitive towards your surroundings.

The ride was so much appreciated, which made us feel that we will live much longer everytime we pedal

Live by the mantra.

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