The Reason.

We are ones who wake up early everyday to take on one of the busiest street in Jakarta; cycling. Enjoying so much the company of other cyclists, sharing the same road in the peloton, to feel free and stay fit. Coffee after the ride  and of course the chit chat.

Since the pandemic, we've seen more and more people start cycling, either they want to stay fit, or just casual cyclists whose goal is healthier lifestyles. It’s becoming beyond just trendy sport, it’s becoming the new way of life.

Kilomantra hopes to facilitate this self awareness, to live less stressful life, enjoying the road with no cars and motorcycles, breathing fresh air and feel wind goes through your hair.

For us, who live in the big city, cycling is so liberating to get out from everyday rat race. Hence, we believe the mantra of a happy life is just to get on your bike and head to the miles. And we are here, to provide you with brands to get through that physical and philosophical journey. 

Photography by @wito.nugroho

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