Women’s Cycling Jersey – Feeding Frenzy
Women’s Cycling Jersey – Feeding Frenzy


Women’s Cycling Jersey – Feeding Frenzy

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Feeding Frenzy. Our new women’s cycling jersey design inspired by the grocery run or fridge raid after a ride to satisfy the cravings before the ‘hanger’ sets in.

Chocolate, Haribo, cheese, veggies, fruit, ice-cream, juice, fizzy drinks, coffee.. You can never really decide what will satisfy you so it’s best just grab it all!

This lightweight jersey combines bold aesthetics with outstanding technical features and close attention to construction details. Built with top-tier performance in mind, the Raceday jersey has a perfect professional athletic fit. The fit is enhanced by  making the jersey a little bit longer than usual, because nothing is more annoying than a jersey crawling up your belly button!